The LAX Ammo team members are experts in all things regarding guns and ammo in Orange County. One thing that our customers often ask us for is our advice on the best products for self-defense, so we assembled a list explaining why the .45 is our pick.

The Background

The history of the .45 is an interesting one. It’s cartridge was developed in the first decade of the 20th century, with the bullet mostly inside the case and its case capacity being perfectly suited for the bullet. The .45 ACP specifically had been a problematic round, as the size of the pistol needed to be large to hold the cartridges of the .45’s. This was specifically an issue with female FBI agents in the 80’s due to the generally smaller physique of women. All the R&D and bullet tech gone in to the 9mm and .40’s by the FBI has translated over to the .45 seamlessly and the round has now become far more efficient than it was in the 80’s.


A perk of the .45 ACP is that it can use any modern bullet in .45 ACP can easily pass the FBI test. Additionally, this round possesses the appropriate amount of mass, frontal area, and velocity to pass for an effective self-defense round. As already mentioned, this is an efficient cartridge that results in impressive expansion upon impact. The size, again, is the drawback to these cartridges and their pistols. Even a compact .45 pistol is objectively large and more difficult to shoot for smaller stature people.


Product Recommendations

In terms of ammunition, the Guard Dog in .45 offers a good balance of soft-recoil and an expanding full metal jacket. With the .45 ACP, you also have the option to utilize the  ACP+P  for an extra boost. While not necessary, it’s an option for those who want to improve their shooting performance. Aside from the .45 ACP, the .45 Colt has risen in popularity again. For those who want a full sized revolver, this is a good option since it is robust and also deals massive expansion.

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