Reloading Advice: Learn From Our Mistakes


There are a lot of reasons for reloading your own ammunition. Whether you’re a handloading hobbyist or utilize reloads as a low-cost alternative, you would hope your ammunition performs just as well as popular rounds. However, doing things yourself runs you the risk of some human error. When it comes to reloading, these mistakes can cost you valuable time and money. We at LAX have been through it all so check out these reloading lessons we’ve learned. And, don’t discount where you purchase your reloading supplies Orange County.

Realize The Value Of Old Data

Old doesn’t have to mean outdated, especially when it comes to reloading. Today there are quite a few great bullets and powders available in the market but there is something to say about tried and tested combinations from years ago. You can find old, out of print reloading manuals at gun shows and sites that can still afford you some valuable insight. Read them, take notes, and test them out.

Some Outcomes Just Aren’t Meant To Be

It easy to lose sight of the overall picture and become obsessed with achieving the greatest velocity you can. Save yourself money and wasted raw materials and make sure that you’re reloading rounds for their intended purpose. Refocus on the basic needs, accuracy and field performance. Only then will you get the results you actually want.

Clean Your Equipment

This probably goes without saying but it’s an important reminder none-the-less. Clean your equipment. You don’t want dirty gear to mess with you dimensions, create feeding issues, or affect accuracy. Every so often, disassemble your dies and give them a bath. After cleaning, don’t forget to lubricate to prevent rusting.

Don’t Get Lazy

As you get more familiar with reloading it’s easy to let your attention wander. However, it is important that you stay diligent. The best thing we can tell you is to treat every session like it’s your first. Always follow safety rules and use your common sense. Don’t slack on the necessary steps, otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a less than stellar end product.

Keep Detailed Records

Keep detailed records of your successes AND your failures. You’ll be angry with yourself if you finally found the perfect load for your gun and you forget the combinations you used. Whether it be a hard copy, digital copy, or both, it’s important to know what works and what you should never try again.

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