Reloading 101: How To Reload Ammo

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Reloading your own ammo is a cost-effective alternative that gives you a deeper understanding of the ammunition you’re handling. Before you begin reloading make sure you follow the manufacturer’s reloading guidelines to properly and safely reload your ammo. Follow the steps below and visit LAX Ammo OC, our reloading supplies Orange County shop.

Step 1: Inspect

The quality of your reloaded ammo begins with your cases. Spent cases may have dings, cracks, dents or corrosion so make sure that you inspect each casing closely. Anyone of these things could lead to pressure problems if the cases’ integrity are compromised.

Step 2: Clean

Once you’ve finished inspecting your cases, you have to clean them. Select your cleaning medium, which can either be liquid or dry. Use a vibratory cleaner and let it do the work for you.

Step 3: Resize

When a round is fired, the case slightly expands and contracts. This alters the shape of your casings. As such, you will need to get them as close as possible to their original dimensions. To do so, use a loading pressing in conjunction with a reloaded press.

Step 4: Trim

Now it’s time to measure the length. Use calipers and, if it isn’t the correct length, trim it. A powered or manual case trimmer will help you with this step.

Step 5: Last Prep

Once your case is the proper length, you have to clean the primer pocket, debur the flash hole and case neck, and the case neck must be chamfered. All of this will create a slight angle, which makes it easier for you the seat the bullet.

Step 6. Seat Your Primer

The next step is to seat your primer. Make sure to not contaminate or damage your case with solutions, liquids, or oils. You’ll know your primer has been seated properly when it is flush with the case head. Improperly seating your primers can lead to a misfire, so take care.

Step 7: Load Your Powder

Loading your powder is probably the most crucial step in reloading. Too much powder can be devastating so be sure to read your reloading manual. The manual will give you the proper maximum and minimum charges for the desired bullet weight using that particular brand of powder. Once you have everything figured out, be sure to measure correctly. Small differences can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Step 8: Seat Your Bullet

The last step in the reloading process is to seat the bullet in its case. Seat at the proper depth and overall length by referencing your manual for guidance. Place the case into the shell holder of your press, guide it into the die, and pull the handle of your press. There will be a small amount of resistance. Remove the cartridge and proceed with measuring the length. If the length is not correct, make the proper adjustments. Once the bullet is seated, crimping the bullet may be necessary. Only some rifle cartridges require crimping and all pistol rounds do.

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