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range-bag-essentials-part-two-featured-imageNow that you have your bag picked out, it’s time to fill it with all the essentials. The first item that is mandatory at all ranges is eye protection.  Commonly referred to as, “eyes,” proper eye protection (or shooting glasses) are key to having a safe range experience. Shooting glasses can protect your eyes from flying debris, ricochets, ejected hot brass, and if you’re outdoors: wind & sun. Our Peltor Sport Securfit glasses and our premium Wiley X Saber Polycarbonate  both offer superior protection and comfort. For prescription eyewear shooters, our Peltor Sport Over-The-Glass safety eyewear fits well over most prescription glasses.



ProEars Along with eye protection, ranges require guests to wear ear protection (commonly referred to as, “ears”). The options for ear protection are varied to meet the personal preferences of shooters. The cheapest and fastest solution are ear plugs, like our Peltor Sport Blasts and Mack’s Shooter’s Ear plugs. Both are disposable, and can be used alone or with ear muffs for added protection. You may soon discover that investing in more robust and effective hearing protection is right for you, especially if you spend a lot of time at the range. Our Peltor Sport ear muffs offer a range of protection and tactical features as well as Bluetooth wireless technology and our Pro Ears passive ear muffs offer lightweight comfort and superior protection.

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