Range Bag Essentials: Part Three


Our local, family-owned store is the one-stop shop for ammo in Orange County.

We make sure you’ve got everything you need so you spend less time worrying about gear and more time shooting at the range. Check out Part One and Part Two for more recommendations for the essential items for your Range Bag.


target-shootncNo range day is complete without something safe to shoot at. At LAX Ammunition OC, we carry a wide assortment of paper targets and Shoot N’ C stick-on targets with fun and challenging designs.


LAXAmm0.45CalYou know how a bottled water costs significantly more at a movie theater? That’s what you get when you buy ammo at a shooting range: you pay the “captive audience” prices. Get range-ready before your visit by stocking up at LAX Ammunition OC! We offer our own LAX brand factory new and factory reloaded pistol and rifle rounds, as well as the best prices on all target, hunting, and home defense rounds, from brands like Winchester, Fiocchi, Federal, PMC, Remington, Hornady, American Eagle, Norma, Barnes, TulAmmo and much more.


A-Zoom-SnapCaps“The bullseye was in my sights, but my aim was off! Why?!” Well, it could be anticipation of the trigger pull, which causes flinching. One of the best training tools to combat flinching are metal “dummy rounds” known as Snap Caps by A-Zoom. Snap Caps feature a spring-loaded primer designed to take the impact of a hammer strike. By mixing Snap Caps with real ammo in your magazine, you can quickly tell if you are pulling your firearm off target in any direction when the dummy round cycles to the chamber. This ensures that you aren’t distracted by the recoil of a live round.

About LAX Ammo OC

We at LAX have a wide stock of ammo in Orange County. We proudly serve the OC community with low pricing and amazing customer service. All the items we’ve mentioned are currently available in our shop! Visit our store today at 16732 Beach Blvd Suite B, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 or call us at (714) 709-AMMO.