Owning an ammo store in Orange County means that we get to meet all kinds of gun owners and shooting enthusiasts.

We get asked a lot of questions from “newbies”. One of the most common is: “I just received my first gun. I’ve never been to the range. What do I need?”

We’re here to help you with a new blog series so you’re more prepared for your next range visit.

Range Bags

First and foremost, going to the range will feel like a hassle if you can’t get your gear to the range efficiently. The best way to transport your gear is with a quality range bag from brands like 5.11 and DDT Tactical.  Both of these brands offer superior quality, aesthetic appeal and are made to last.

DDTRangerBag1Range bags come in a variety of different styles, depending on what you are using them for (long gun or handgun), and the job you need it to do: hold magazines, ammo, multiple guns, eye/ear protection, etc. Many shooters prefer a spacious carry bag with a few separated internal pockets, such as our 5.11 , “Range Ready Bag”. However, the best place to start is usually a sling bag like our DDT “Assassin Sling Bag,” or backpack, such as the “DDT Venom 48hr Assault” or the smaller “DDT Anti-Venom 24hr Assault” bags. These bags are easy to throw over your shoulder keeping your hands free to carry other gear. These bags feature a large, sturdy main compartment & several individual pouches and compartments. All of our DDT Tactical bags have lockable zippers, allowing gun owners to transport their firearms and ammo in separate locks compartments and remain California compliant.

If your day at the range will be with several different pistols, our DDT Ranger Deluxe Range Bag features 4 individual pistol cases, making that transfer from gear station to shooting bay at the range safe and easy.

About LAX Ammo OC

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