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Oh that, familiar “click” sound when you’ve emptied your magazine. Time to reload! Reloading won’t feel so tedious with extra magazines on hand. We carry Lancer and Hexmag for your AR platform rifles, as well as Glock, M&P, Springfield XD, 1911, ProMag, Walther P22, Sig Sauer, and ETS Clear Mags for your pistols. If reloading your magazines are tiring your hands and fingers, take the pressure off with speed loaders like our UpLula and Elite Tactical Systems ETS C.A.M. Magazine Loaders for rifles and pistols.



While we don’t sell them at our store, we thought we’d give assorted color markers, a shout-out as a helpful range bag essential. A friend with an extensive tactical training background recently shared this trick with us at the range: use the colored markers to circle the holes on your paper targets to distinguish and categorize your results. This helps you identify each shot and the grouping of shots, so you can learn if your aim is where it needs to be.

We hope this article helps with getting more range ready. If you need to start from scratch, or just update your gear, LAX AMMUNITION OC has everything you need for range day. After a day at the range, please don’t forget to clean your gun(s) to ensure a safe and smooth shooting experience the next time. We carry Kleenbore Gun Cleaning Kits, brushes, wipes, bore brushes and mops as well as an assortment of gun cleaning and lubricant solutions.

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