Picking Your Defensive Handgun Ammo


The ammo you choose to load your handgun with is vital to getting the best out of your firearm. Utilizing trusted name brand ammunition from our stock of LAX Ammo, Speer, Federal, Hornady, and Winchester Ammo in Orange County is the first step to finding the right round for you.

If you doubt the performance of a specific type of ammunition, it’s best to follow the quality triad of reliability, recoil, and terminal performance. A balance of these three standards ensures you only the most optimal results with your firearm + ammo combo.


Reliability is a must for defense ammo. Your expected ammunition’s success rate should never be below 100%. If your ammunition fires successfully 90% of the time, that 10% failure rate put your safety at risk.

OC-Ammo-Store-2Establishing that your ammunition is reliable lies solely on the due diligence of the handgun owner to test the rounds repeatedly. A recommended practice would be to fire 50 rounds while conducting defensive drills. You can rest easy if your handgun and ammunition provide 100% reliable results in that session. Stoppages eventually occur with any firearm/gun combination, so always test your ammunition and make the proper judgment.


Different rounds will most times create substantially varied levels of recoil, regardless of the handgun.

Recoil can be important to note because it could have adverse effects on a well-aimed shot. Gauging what amount of recoil your specific handgun and ammo combination creates can be difficult. You’ll have to practice shooting to find out which combination works best for you personally.

Terminal Performance

A bullet’s terminal performance is centered upon a round as it hits its target. Terminal performance is largely dependent on bullet design, impact velocity, and target. Ideally, you would want your bullet to reach enough velocity to expand 1.5 times its original diameter for maximum stopping power. However, some manufacturers are utilizing bullet designs that don’t expand and instead utilize kinetic energy. Finally, the target’s clothing or padding can affect terminal performance. Most of the major defense ammunition manufacturers circumvent this limitation by creating projectiles that still expand and penetrate regardless.

The main takeaway should be that practicing with that ammunition is extremely important regardless of what ammunition is used. You never want to be in a life-threatening situation because the gun and ammo combination didn’t agree!

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