2A Business Spotlight: SoCal’s Newest Shooting Range

At LAX AMMO OC, we are frequently asked, “where can I go shoot?”

We love supporting other 2A businesses in California and educating our customers about all of the great places to practice their firearms training in Orange County and surrounding areas.

We are happy to share that SoCal shooting enthusiasts or those new to firearms have a new place in SoCal to target practice at Iron Mike’s Guns and Shooting Range in Yorba Linda, CA.

Iron Mike’s was founded by Yorba Linda resident, Mike Healy, who saw a need for SoCal shooters to have access to a state-of-the-art shooting range facility and home defense store.

Built by renowned Action Target Inc, Iron Mike’s Range boasts 2 bays (1 bay is full tactical), 13 lanes, neon stall walls that are bulletproof rated to .308, OSHA certified Industrial Hygienist HVAC system for optimal air filtration, full digital displays, Genesis retrieval systems that offer various functions for training drills, and Range Safety Officers (RSOs) at each bay to work with every shooter that comes in.

The 12 yard range can accommodate all handguns, shotguns (slug ammo only) and rifles up to .416 Barrett. It is open to the public and also offers valuable membership options that significantly enhances visitor experience at the range (like rapid fire, unlimited access to range, and reservations).

If you’re new to firearms or just want to try something fun and new, Iron Mike’s offers a wide variety of firearms for sale or rent at the range. Visitors are welcome to bring their own ammunition and do not have to buy and use all of the ammo at the range like other shooting range facilities.

Iron Mike’s prides itself on customer service and bringing together the 2A community through training and education. Those new to firearms can get expert and friendly training on firearms proficiency and handling at the range.

As an ammunition-only store, we at LAX AMMO OC are excited for our customers to have a new place to practice shooting or learn how to use a firearm for the first time.

The next time you’re planning a trip to the range, be sure to stock up on ammo with us and check out Iron Mike’s Gun Store and Shooting Range!

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