Quick Guide CA Ammo Laws

CA LEGAL UPDATE (2/5/2024):

The 9th Circuit panel has GRANTED California’s request for a stay pending appeal in Rhode v. Bonta


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Here is our fast guide to buying ammo in California


*This chart is for informational purposes only & does not serve as legal advice
*Information is based on current CA DOJ proposed regulations, and will be updated as information becomes available
*The CA DOJ does not have access to a federal database to perform a background check, therefore, it will use the Automated Firearms System (AFS) & Prohibited Armed Persons File (PAPF) in the Dealer Entry System (DES) to process eligibility checks for applicants.
*If you have registered a firearm in CA = you are in the AFS system
*If you are a felon or have court orders against you = you are in PAPF
*COE holder’s qualify for the Standard Eligibility check of $1. *Out-of-State residents with COE can purchase ammo with COE verification.
*CCW holders are NOT EXEMPT
*Those with Ammunition Vendor License or FFL01, 07, 08 & 06 are exempt
* Visit our website: https://www.christinam58.sg-host.com/california-ammo-laws-for-2019/
for more detailed information