CA LEGAL UPDATE (2/5/2024):

The 9th Circuit panel has GRANTED California’s request for a stay pending appeal in Rhode v. Bonta


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As an ammunition vendor in California, we MUST follow all CA AMMUNITION LAWS

If we suspect you are attempting to conduct a “straw purchase” of ammunition (ammunition bought by one person on behalf of another who is legally unable to make the purchase themselves), we will deny service.

We will  greet you at the door and ask to conduct your ammunition eligibility check at the door. If it’s your first time, please read this QUICK GUIDE to ensure you have all the necessary credentials.

Being angry and disrespectful to our  employees because you are mad about the ammunition laws we have to abide by, the prices we have to set, or just because you’re in a bad mood and mad at the world, will not be tolerated. Respect is given when respect is received. Be kind.

Dogs are always welcome at our store as long as they are friendly and potty trained.